Sustainable development of Nylon 6 Yarn


Sustainable development of the green

We will promote sustainable development in the fields of nylon 6 yarn operation, low-carbon production, research and development of degradable products. 
In order to save energy, reduce carton emission , regenerate development and protect the environment.

Innovative Products

Eco-friendly Nylon 6 Yarn -Save energy, reduce carton emission Kaibang focus on nylon yarn which uses renewable resources and energy conservation and environmental protection.


Quality Control

Our goal is creating high-quality products for customers, and strict dye quality management, Many customers are satisfied with AAA grade DTY and AA grade FDY is near 99%.


Human and Nature

Pursue harmonious coexistenice, adhere to circular development, and build eco-friendly & healthy production environment



Public welfare

Shoulder corporate mission and practice socialresponsibility

While developing economic benefits, Kaibang also has the courage to assume social responsibilit and actively give back to society.