Brand Story

The brand story and the original idea of the development of Kaibang inherit the spirit of unity and mutual trust of the Silk Road, with win-win cooperation as the core and the pioneering spirit of innovation and unflinching courage. Committed to building technology , ecofriendly, intelligent, and differentiated nylon yarn enterprise.


The main color of blue represents the technology-led, innovative development of green 
as a secondary color of the visual performance, reflecting the sustainable development of
 the enterprise green concept.

KAI means the sound of victory, creative determination and confidence.
BANG means state for the country, unity and cooperation, common advance and retreat.

Science and Techrology Lead, Green Development and Innovate Better Quality Life



Enterprise Slogan

Classic comes from innovation Excellence lies in the pursuit


Enterprise Mission

Creating value for customers Creating opportunities for employees Create benefits for the company Take responsibility for society


Enterprise Spirit

Honesty-oriented, create a world enterprise People-oriented, a hundred-year-old enterprise


Enterprise Purpose

Wealth comes from society Serving the Society Dedication to the Society